Feed Them

"Feed Them" is a new ministry of the Little Swatara Church of the Brethren started in 2021 as an additional out reach program to those making use of the Bethel Tulpehocken Food Bank.  Spear headed by Craig and Jenny Luckenbill, once a month Little Swatara provides a warm, prepared meal to anyone who needs it,.

About the Program

Jesus said “Feed them.”

What a great command from our Lord and Savior.  For those of us who use food as their love language it’s an easy one. We have done three Feed them events over the past months with each one feeding more families. As we started with hot dogs, meatballs and then vegetable soup and cornbread the families are just grateful beyond words.  Thanks from them is overwhelming and humbling.

The first two months we fed around 220, having planned for 240. So, for November we planned the same for soup to feed 240. But God had other plans.  We reached out to the council of churches,  our fellow believers, and our home church and the soup came through in abundance! I was planning for 60 quarts of soup minimum and we had 124! I kept saying Lord what will we do with all this soup? Ha, ha, ha, oh ye of little faith. I your Father already know how much you will need.  Cornbread was also in abundance with 314 pieces cut and wrapped.

But the need was great.  We handed out ALL of the cornbread running short for the last few families and gave all but 12 quarts of soup away. GOD Is Good, Amen. 

If you would like to volunteer, bake, cook or serve please reach out to us or contact the church office here.

We are both on Facebook and our phone numbers are in the directory.

Jenny & Craig